Bot Colony

4. Sports Center

On August 6, Kazue Tamaya installs a prototype Smell Sensor on MS-47 Roger (Mech) in the Armoury. On August 11, she installs a Touch Sensor on SP19, a squash playing robot in the Sports Center. The taste sensor is installed on August 15 on DO56 Pete, a Domestic bot.



Detail of Soccer, by Henry Fong. Story connection: Kazue Tamayama installs and tested the new sensor prototypes on robots. The smell sensor in Armory (Smell, chapter 32), the touch sensor in the Sports Center (Touch, chapter 37), and the taste sensor in the Restaurant (Taste, chapter 39)


01 MarsSport05a Final

Soccer painting by Henry Fong. Kids play soccer on hover scooters that have some kind of anti-gravity device. A goalie bot in the foreground.

The new robot sensors motivate the game - but the Sports Center is mostly featured in the novel.