Bot Colony

3. Oil Rig (episode 3 - Riot)

The spy visits the oil rig on August 5, 2021, when he reprograms the robots with the new rules [Oil Rig, #31]. Jeff Philips, chasing after the spy, lands at the Oil Rig on September 4, 2021. While Jeff manages to save the rig from being blown to pieces, he isn't able to prevent a major oil spill [Archimedes, #86]. The Humanity Test, administered to a captive Jeff Philips, whom the robots suspect of being an android, is a major story addition, made after the book was published in 2010.



Nakagawa Corp. found oil in the Marianas Trench in 2018 [Oil, #30], Its diver robots install subsea flowlines connected to the oil rig. (Water painting by Henry Fong). Story timeline:
- Jong Lee, a North Korean KHT diver. buries a direction finder between distinctive palm trees on the Agrihan beach, in preparation for the spy's arrival to the island.
- On Janurary 23, 2021, the spy retrieves the direction finder on occasion of a company picnic [Picnic, #10]. He meets Kazue Tamayama, who's responsible for new sensor testing. She reports to Masaya Kuranari, the manager of the Sensor Lab (Masaya's negatively portrayed in the Intruder 'training simulation').
- In early August, a North Korean vessel drops a minisub containing spy equipment and explosives near the Oil Rig.
- On August 8, 2021, the spy provides DI-42 with the direction finder that will locate the mini-sub.
- The spy programs DI-42 (diver robot) to retrieve the mini-sub and then erases its video memory.


Oil Rig

The landing pad of the oil rig. Mutinous robots obstructed it to prevent hovercraft landing. (Oil rig robot mutiny and humanity test were added for the game).


Insect robot

Design for insect robot (DI - Diver designation). Note the scorpion arm, ending with a revolving tool kit, that also contains a soldering torch. (color sketch by Snezhan Bodurov)


Humanity Test

A Humanity Test sequence, used by the insect robots to test that a subject is human (as opposed to android). The robots factual questions about the images, as well as questions about how the different protagonists feel, and why. Androids do not survive this test. (All Humanity Test sequences are by Quy Pierre Tran).


Humanity Test

Humanity Test image 2.


Humanity Test

Humanity Test image 3.


Humanity Test

Humanity Test image 4.


Humanity Test

Humanity Test image 5.


Humanity Test

Humanity Test image 6.