Bot Colony

5. Old Village (episode 4 - Quest)

On Christmas 2020, the spy visits the Old Village, where Shigeru Saito, Nakagawa's CEO, built a temple for his grandfather, Colonel Saito. Col. Saito was killed on Agrihan on July 25, 1945 during a practice bomb run of a B-29 bomber stationed in neighbouring Tinian island. That B-29 was the Enola Gay, the aircraft that dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima on August 6, 1945. After the 5th law of robotics is programmed onto Nakagawa's robots, they begin engaging in human-like activities: playing three-card Monte, performing circus acts, running pawnbroker shops and a bazaar or dancing flamenco. The infamous Marianas sweatshops are still visible in Agrihan. While Old Nakagawa village is a relaxation venue for Nakagawa employees - its older style Japanese architecture reminds them of home - it doubles as an experimental playground for robots practicing human-like behaviour.


Bazaar site

The Bazaar area in the lagoon of the Old Village. Note the centaur design of the rickshaw bots parked on the left (design and rendering by Snezhan Bodurov).


Curved Bridge, old village

Old sweatshop buildings typical of the Northern Marianas [Agrihan, section vi, Prologue]. Nakagawa threatended to go public with a story about US condoning exploitation of migrant workers, who lived in squalor in the CNMI - technically part of the United States. The government of CNMI subsequently agreed to lease Agrihan to Nakagawa for 99 years.
The Japanese lanterns and curved bridge make the place look like home to Nakagawa's employees. (Snezhan Bodurov concept designed to reflect the novel, implemented in a cleaner style in the game on the grounds that Nakagawa would probably not put up with squalor in their private island)


Old village alley

Refer to previous.


Monorail track and curved bridge

Refer to previous.


Old village, in-game

Old Village houses implemented in a cleaner style in the game, refer to previous.


Bazaar in-engine prototype

The visible effects of endowing Nakagawa robots with the fifth law of robotics 'Do as people do' (Emotion Emulator, #25) (Unlocking Pandora's box, #28). Robots now attempt to emulate human behaviours. The prototype was done in the Anitron game engine.


3-card Monte dealer

3-card Monte dealer in the Bazaar. His companion (the hooker bot) is wooing passers by to the game. In-engine prototype (Anitron).


Kabuki stage

Robots gather around the kabuki stage in the old village and attempt to make connections between new concepts, absent from their NPRL 6.17 (Nakagawa pre-programmed robot lexicon). (Emotion Emulator, #25). In-engine protype, Anitron game engine.


Old village restaurant

The Restaurant in Old Village (#6, Restaurant) - this section is available in the free download of the first 50 pages of the novel. In-engine prototype, Anitron.


Pawnbroker Bot

Heavily modified (personalized) pawnbroker robot. Design and sketch by Snezhan Bodurov.


Pawnbroker shop

Credit Kyoko Fukushima, Dacio Passarel.



The monorail circles the island, and the robots use it to move around - for example, go to the Mechanic for scheduled maintenance. The spy has to travel using this monorail - only intended for robot transport, as robots get stacked by a robotic arm in order to save space [Warehouse, #49]. The mororail line circles the island and goes through the 800 m volcano in the center of Agrihan (sketch by Snezhan Bodurov).


July 25, 1945

The Enola Gay B-29 overflies Agrihan on a training flight from Tinian, as Col. Saito walks towards his intelligence outpost on July 25, 1945 (Grigan, section i of Prologue). Island painting by Henry Fong.


Maicho Shinbum July 1945

A Hero's Last Moments epitaph to Col. Saito in the Maicho Shinbun of July 31, 1945. Article translation into Japanese by Takako Kojima.


Old village teahouse complex

Concept design for a traditional Japanese teahouse complex in the Old Village (Snezhan Bodurov).


Old village temple

Concept design for the temple in the Old Village (Snezhan Bodurov).


Old N Temple, Teahouse Complex And Bridges


Centaur rickshaw bot

Centaur rickshaw bot (sketch by Snezhan Bodurov)