Bot Colony

Ninja-clothed intruder watching the Kuranari residence from the Japanese garden, ready to use his tablet to remote-control the domestic robot ( Jimmy) through voice.
The intruder looks into the house through cameras he previously planted in the walls.


Jimmy taking a guitar to the master bedroom. A player can control Jimmy to manipulate many objects in the house, even objects not directly related to removing traces of the intrusion.
This is a prototype of our text-to-animation technology, where textual commands result in 3D character animation.


Jimmy swapping the pepper with the salt.


In Bot Colony, players can chose between a male or female character (in—engine render).


Garage scene, added to anchor the training simulation concept behind Intruder.
If the player passes the two missions in Intruder (investigation mission and clue removal mission) he is invited to Agrihan and lands in the Agrihan airport in Arrival.


Jennifer Philips in the Agrihan airport. Cindy (the welcome bot) accepts the ‘stop following me’ command. She also has a ‘follow me’ command.


Hunter robots (hunter-bots) shaped like birds of prey. The one in the foreground is under maintenance.


Jeff Phlips arriving to the lower level of the Airport. In the background, a passenger is about to board a taxi hovercraft.


Jeff opening the blue briefcase that arrived from Tokyo.