Bot Colony

6. Hotel

The spy checks into the Volcano hotel on January 10.. The hotel serves as his temporary residence until the earthquake of September 2, when Jeff Philips arrives to Bot Colony and checks into the same hotel.


Hotel Reception

The lobby of the Volcano Hotel [architecture and one-eye robot by Snezhan Bodurov, painting by Henry Fong).


Hotel grounds

The Volcano Hotel with its manicured grounds occupies a choice location on the coast of Agrihan.(Snezhan Bodurov)


Hotel With Beach And Vegetation

See previous.


Volcano hotel concept

The Volcano hotel serves as a temporary residence for the spy [Hotel, #9]. The spy gets locked out during an earthquake [Earthquake, #58]. Jeff Philips, who's hunting down the spy, checks into the same establishment on September 2, 2021 [The Volcano Hotel, #64] (design and render by Snezhan Bodurov).


Hotel lobby

Volcano Hotel Lobby (rendering by Nick Sparks, hotel by Snezhan Bodurov).



People dancing with robots in the Hotel Volcano bar The robotic syrens swim in cylindrical aquariums in the background.[Dance, #29]. (Composition and rendering by Nick Sparks, 4-arm robot by Henry Fong, syrens by Snezhan Bodurov).


Four-arm bartender

Four-arm robotic bartender (Henry Fong, cover of the hardcopy edition of Bot Colony)


Receptionist bot

Receptionist bot design (Henry Fong adaption and re-styling of Snezhan design). Shoulder patch designs.