Bot Colony


Jeff Philips has to track down an item that the spy had shipped into the island [Port Call 2, #85]


Sweatshop workers

Nakagawa Corporation got its first major contract from China, to replace Chinese needletrade workers with robots. [Nakagawa Corp, section iii, Prologue] (Sweatshop wprkers by Henry Fong)


Sweatshop replacements

Nakagawa's robots crated in containers on their way to China. (Detail of Sweatshop worker replacements by Henry Fong, one-eye robot model by Snezhan Bodurov).


Robots to China

Container with robots ready to be loaded on a ship, in the Agrihan Harbour.


Needltrade robot contract

The March 14, 2010 Mainichi Shinbun announcement of the $500,000,000 contract from China for needletrade robots. (Zoom in of Maicho Shinbun March 2010 from Section 1).